blueberry fields forever

My short story, “Blueberry Fields Forever,” is published on Literally Stories. Grateful to the editors for publishing it and for their encouragement. The story was part of collection of short stories called Confluence, which I completed early last year.

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© Anuradha Prasad 2020

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Entwicklung des Fötus & Embryo - Wachstumtabellen für Ein- und Zwilinge

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a love so new
it floated
in embryonic
in a buttercup
its shape still
forming, its heart
its vibrissae
for sulfur-laden
sparks of flint
struck, the

© Anuradha Prasad 2020

Loved this poem by Erin May Kelly performed to the scenes when the girls help Aimee get over her fear of the bus after a man masturbates against her on her ride to school. Powerful stuff. If you haven’t watched it already, Sex Education is brilliant. I thought Season 2 was even better. Another favorite scene from S2 – Oranges!


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i am drawing
a map to find
us I don’t know
where i lost you
or why)
where i lost me
or why)

i try to return
where we last were
together when i left
with a colon
a closing bracket
not knowing
we would not
return to each
other in that
white rectangular
space of black
and white glyphs
scented in blush
lines of love
darker strokes
of lust, all of it
now rubbed clean
as if it never was

but it was,
it was us.

© Anuradha Prasad 2020

(written to yoko ono’s “draw a map to find us”)


John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight episode on Modi was not aired by Hotstar due to censorship – a sign of no-democracy-this. And then, here’s a short piece on The Atlantic about the pogrom unleashed on the Muslim community in Delhi during
Trump’s visit which left many dead and injured.



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she turns
her center still,
in an age-old hula
with an invisible hoop.
to her soundless gaze,
concealing her
wild-whispered seeking,
dawn speaks
a languid language
of merlot and gold and
borders smudged.

© Anuradha Prasad 2020

Why dissent FIN

My piece “Why Dissent Is Important to Lead an Authentic Life” is out on Feminism in India. It talks about the role of resistance and dissent in everyday life, as well as nurturing hope during these times.

Follow the link to read it –

© Anuradha Prasad 2020

On India’s 71st Republic Day, protests across India which started on 19 Dec 2019 continue against fascism and to protect the democracy. (Oh, and the adoption of the constitution and I share the same birthday. November babies like their freedom the most-est!)


“The Boy Who Saw More” is a short film by Faraway Originals. This is the story of Nordan who explores Ladakh with a microscope. My favorite part is when he explains how “when we look at mountains, we see them as a whole…but within those mountains are so many little things that make them.” It is about engaging with our environment in new ways, going beyond the obvious. Less about what we’re taught, what we know, and what we think we should experience. More about allowing awareness and curiosity to lead the way.




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