I spent most of the month reading Toni Morrison’s Beloved. I couldn’t take it all in one read. The book dealt with racism and slavery. This was the most obvious layer in the story. It also explored the relationship between a mother and her children. The same force that creates, destroys. Out of love. Can it be forgiven? Even after one has risen above the trauma, can anyone fully recover? Can one completely make peace with the race that tortured them?

Sethe escapes slavery and runs away from Sweet Home and the Schoolteacher. She can’t find her husband and her three children would’ve left before her to her mother-in-law Baby Sugg’s home. A pregnant Sethe manages to reach Baby Sugg’s, delivering Denver en route with the help of a white girl. For 28 days Sethe lives a free woman. Until Schoolteacher arrives looking for her. She tries to kill her children so that they don’t experience what she has experienced. The baby girl dies. Beloved. She returns in flesh many years later and unleashes her anger on Sethe who is still fraught with guilt and will do anything to make up to Beloved. Denver then takes it upon herself to look out for her mother.

Morrison’s knack of pulling you into the story, drowning you in a story is disturbing. And beautiful. How can one turn pain, loss and humiliation into something so utterly divine?


I saw Max Fischer’s The Fire Raisers and I would like to say I enjoyed it but I didn’t. The props crowded the stage.


Two movies I saw were Salt and Inception. Both were brilliant for different reasons.

Angelina Jolie was fantastic in Salt. Spies, action, suspense. It would’ve been old news if it weren’t for a woman playing the lead role. Her beauty is so brutal and raw. No matter what character she plays, she carries another story inside her that powers her. The President of America was a cartoon. I’m not sure if it was intentional.

Inception was mind blowing. The idea is simple enough but executing it on a  scale like that is brilliant. The sub-conscious designed and delivered so perfectly definitely deserves to go home with awards. I believe planting ideas in people’s head is possible even when they are awake. The lower the person’s defences and self-esteem the better.  Books on metaphysics and occult talk about how we can connect sub-consciously with others and communicate with them, so the story was entirely plausible.

And I must add a line or two about Leonardo Di Caprio. I didn’t think much of him in Titanic and Romeo & Juliet. Who can go wrong in Titanic after all? It was a big movie. He was just so pretty. But now I am a fan. Blood Diamond, The Departed and now Inception. He is not just a pretty face, is he?

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