It’s been a lousy 30 days or so. Heart failure (not mine), typhoid (I got not one but two strains of the virus) and my computer is throwing tantrums. Out of work and none in sight. I’ve dwindled in size too.

Meanwhile, I finished two books – Flaubert’s Madame Bovary (I started this more than a month ago) and Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.

Madame Bovary didn’t shock me with her amoral activities. It is the norm among most married women I know though it is done behind closed doors and most affairs die quietly and sometimes painfully and never see the light of day. But I couldn’t forgive her husband for being so lame, her lovers for abandoning her, the callous Homais and the church guy fighting over their views while she lay dead, and  Lhereux for instigating the events that drove her to her death and attending her funeral without a shred of guilt. The novel reminded me of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. The women are shredded to bits and judged but everyone else walks away without blame.

I read The Lost Symbol as I was struck by typhoid and didn’t have the energy to look for a book and it was out there on the popular books shelf so I grabbed it. I have read The Da Vinci Code, which was interesting and the controversy surrounding it made it better than it was. Digital Fortress was blah. The plot of Lost Symbol is constructed in a manner that is similar to The Da Vinci Code and the ‘secrets’ were not as alluring.

I have started reading an interesting book by Siri Hustvedt called What I Loved. It is packed with insights on individuals and relationships and paintings and painters. I just finished the first part of the book. I am trying to read and think and really understand it but I can’t read it that way especially when i like what i am reading.


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