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A hard core fan of Namma Metro, I can never lose an opportunity to urge people to try it out. It is one of the best things to happen to Bangalore and a whole lot better than the numerous flyovers that have not done much to ease the traffic congestion.

No one could find any fault with it until the inevitable happened and a young boy decided to kill himself recently. I felt the ghost of guilt gnawing at me because standing at the same platform in MG Road two hours before this happened I wondered what would happen if someone flung himself on the tracks. Would the train be able to brake immediately considering the speed at which it was approaching? What about the yellow lines that screamed electrocution, was that true? And how fast were the guards’ reflexes, would they be able to act quickly enough?

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My first thought went out to the driver. The sheer terror he must’ve felt when he knew he could not stop what was to happen.

Namma Metro got a rap on its knuckles. Why couldn’t it spend an additional Rs 33 crore and get platform screen doors which will avert incidents like this? While it is unnecessary to pounce at the metro authorities, it does merit consideration. This won’t be the first. And the guards can’t be held accountable in all cases. They are not bestowed with super powers.

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Take what happened yesterday. A young guard looked tense as he kept blowing his whistle and trying to get people to stand behind the first yellow line. Earlier commuters could move up to the second yellow line which is a foot away from the tracks. A man sauntered past the line with a mobile phone in hand and refused to listen to the guard. He was arrogant and uncooperative and grumbled and got aggressive with the guard. Agreed, the guard was overly cautious but then won’t he be the one in the firing line if anything were to happen? He started talking to someone on the walkie-talkie to report this person. The person on the other end must’ve told him to let it go because the guard, visibly upset, wanted to know what would happen if this guy decided to kill himself? By then the train came and everyone boarded.

But I guess there is such a thing as being too efficient and speaking up. Or maybe it is just coincidence. Today, the same guard was on the other platform where commuters disembark. Well, at least he can be at ease and not worry about watching out for untoward incidents.


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