A strange longing had been following me relentlessly since last November, this intense need to care for something. My mind through mechanics that I don’t even want to begin to understand, narrowed it down to a kitten or a plant without consulting me. I can see it dismissing me with a quick wave of its hand and saying “get on with it, leave it up to me, you are too emotionally overwrought.”

Never having owned a pet, a house plant was the safest bet. The last thing I wanted was not to get along with the cat. Cats have claws. And teeth. Not sure if I have it in me to muster the fearsomeness to match its snarl or its look of utter distaste. A total Miranda.

pic credit: freeanimalswallpapers

So a house plant it was. It was not an easy task, not when you are working within a self-imposed budget. I had read somewhere that philodendrons were wonderful as they cleaned the air and energy around you. They apparently suck out all the itsy bitsy black bits that are emanating from you (otherwise known as carbon-di-oxide?). It is also said that where there are plants there are fairies. I have always wanted to catch sight of a wee fairy and it is so magical, to have a fairy for a roomie.

I went to Green Essence with my mind made up about the exact pot of plant that I was going to pick out and it was not there. There was no backup plan and I was not going to walk out of there without a plant in hand. The place is so full of pretty stuff that it didn’t take me long before I picked out a lovely anthurium. It was such a happy, healthy, wholesome plant. It looked like it was laughing and bursting with life and if it had a voice, it was singing a deliriously happy song about living and loving.

Green Essence

At that moment my eyes were drawn to a rather artistic looking plant. It was in a beautiful orange ceramic pot. It was stylishly thin with two smooth grey pebbles and a smaller plant with puckered leaves, green in the middle and cream outside, lying at its feet. Its leaves were sharp and long, splattered in maroon, green and spots of yellow. It looked like an ikebana-arrangement – earth, man and heaven. If the anthurium was the luscious Nigella Lawson, this was Twiggy through and through.

pic credit: favim

I brought it home. Scouring the websites did not help me figure out which plant species it belonged to. I finally settled down for something called dracaena or rainbow plant.

I spoke to it for a few days. I water it every other day. A few days ago, the dwarf plant at its feet was history with no warning. Twiggy’s old leaves dry up and fall abruptly. I put it them in the bin without a second thought. Or maybe their dying is overshadowed by the sharp green new leaves that have burst out with so little fanfare that it feels like they have always been there.

These days we don’t talk much but I give it looks loaded with meaning. There is guilt. There is admiration and there is gratitude for not making too many demands of me, for making me happy by just being there.

pic credit: eofficeplants.co.uk

The anthurium is not forgotten, its lush green looks are still tugging at my heart and I am hopelessly infatuated. One of these days, budget or not, I think I will give in but I don’t know if it is still out there waiting for me. Maybe I will even add African violets and peace lilies and orchids to my brood.

  1. beingjulz says:

    Very entertaining. Hope the relationship continues to go well.

  2. zennfish says:

    Thanks, Julie 🙂

  3. idee says:

    ..very nice…may the plant family grow..and may there also be cats and cat furs…

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