Bazaar Street

Posted: June 9, 2013 in beanstalk, Uncategorized
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I come past Bazaar Street every evening and occasionally other times of the day. It is always bustling. I have never known the street to sleep. A profusion of flowers, the reflections of jewellery in the many-mirrored shops, desolate-looking party hats, temple gopurams and people who seem to be moving in sync to Enya singing in my ears.

Tough to capture shots from a moving auto…

A clay matka holds water that tastes of earth and rain. A call out to parched souls – come one, come all 


A young boy sells jewelry on the street


A hand pump for water that is not in use since faucets became all the rage


Flowers, flowers everywhere – marigolds and jasmine and tulsi and tea roses



A woman pours out fresh jasmine flowers that she proceeds to string together with nimble fingers to make a mala, which can be worn in the hair or offered to deities


Temple gopuram



A cardboard cutout of Hanuman and an interesting looking staircase


 Birds on wire



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