In which I wonder why people hate cats

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I love cats. People around me hate them with a vehemence I don’t understand because to me loving cats does not mean hating dogs though, I admit, I don’t find dogs as graceful, mystical and wise as the cats.

Cats have been painted as scary, evil, sneaky, unfaithful… Not that the cats themselves give a hoot, which further frustrates people who can’t understand why a cat does not roll over and cry because they mock it, hate it, belittle it…their opinion does not count and that can be scary. And well, what we don’t understand, we condemn.


So as most baffled people do…I turned heavenward and was redirected to Google for answers.

And here’s one answer that had a ring of truth.

“First thing’s first, you know who HATED cats?  Hitler…someone could say, “well, everyone has their own tastes, it doesn’t mean everyone who dislikes cats is evil,” and they’d have a point, but there is one defining feature that seems to be common amongst every person who dislikes cats, at least in my opinion…the need to dominate others…

 What cats don’t do is obey or be subservient to anyone.  Cats don’t take any grief…if they don’t want to be held, they won’t submit to you.  They will not come when you call them unless THEY WANT to come.  You can’t get a cat to fetch your slippers…cats are not dogs, and that’s why some people don’t like them.  I think dogs make a lot of people feel special because you can dominate a dog, you can train a dog to do whatever you want it to do, and the dog will always do it with a smile on his face…

 It’s just like when interacting with humans…if you’re a dominating person, you probably want to be with suck ups and yes men and people who will obey you.  If you respect other people as individuals, you legitimately want to hear what they think and have to say…

 So, I tend to think that people who don’t like cats by and large, and particularly people who “hate” cats generally have a problem dealing with this small thing they can’t control…” (full text here)

Perhaps, it is a tad unfair to slot cat-haters into such a narrow bracket just as it is more than a tad unfair for cats to be hated for nothing more than being who they are and for being unapologetic about it.

  1. Loved reading your post……I love cats in any shape and form…I love their arrogance, I love their aloofness, I adore their cuteness….In short, I am crazy about cats just like my wife…
    However I love dogs too…Right now I have a feisty English Cocker Spaniel, a naughty Dalmatian and a very proud Indian cat…

  2. Cats have a free spirit…i love and hate them for that 😀

    Love them because they have an individuality and hate them because i cannot depend on them when i need someone to comfort my ailing mind, like my dogs do.

    Cats reflect my way of that of a drifter (more accurately, semi-drifter) and hence as they say…like poles repel.. so i love the company of dogs more than cats 🙂

    There i explained my point of view 🙂

    • zennfish says:

      Yes, you did.. 🙂 it is not so much a dog/cat preference i was ranting is how some people are so mean to cats…and personally i think how people regard cats says a lot about how accepting they are of other people and their individuality…acceptance without expectations and conditions…

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