it’s not all black and white

Posted: April 21, 2014 in mixed bag, Uncategorized
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In my 20s, I had this vision of me when I thought about what success meant to me. Perhaps it was a lack of imagination but I saw myself behind the wheels of a car, Ray Bans on. You see, I was going to be glamorous, ambitious and a risk-taker. The bubbling anger had turned into steel, razor sharp, all that I would need to swipe at anything that got in my way. I got in my way when one day abruptly, the image shifted. The color bled and the steel melted.

I sat wearing a simple white dress gazing at the sea that was a grainy grey, trimmed with frothy white lace. There is a light drizzle. I don’t see it but know it. It was a moving picture. Not frozen. Only I am still. When I told this to P, he said it sounded very Zen.

I went back to being a dreamer, a wispy cloud drifting across the purest of blue skies. Just barely there in this world of make-believe.





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