Posted: September 6, 2014 in writings
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The eastern sky is ablaze –
a nocturnal altar of Mars, Venus,
Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka.
A puff of cloud stands clear of the Hunter.

A lone crow flies out of a tree still in slumber,
feathering the air gently, its wings whispering wake up, wake up.
The mad chatter of birds returns to their bellies,
my mind falls back into my heart.

I inhale the cool stillness that tastes of water;
I surrender to the wait and watch the sky.
The forgotten earth turns imperceptibly
to where you are waiting.

The coolness of the air, a whispered breath
bold brush strokes paint the moment cold.
As you steal up on the night
how subtly you kiss it good-bye.

Brighter and brighter you grow, a blue-white light
the altar is dismantled
the clouds have gathered the last greys of the night
trees are silhouettes still, indistinct.

Birds sail towards you
across the naked white sky
lured by your luminescent warmth
Colours return to trees – mauve, yellow, brown and green.

Two feathers at my feet
One, a morning white
the other the grey remnants
of the passing night.

© Anuradha Prasad

(Wrote this during the Poetry 101 course i did with masterpoet Judyth Hill)


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