under the full moon

Posted: September 20, 2014 in writings
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Image: JohnathanSung on deviantART

Under the full moon
Hearts thud harder
Waves swell mad in delight
A lone wolf calls out.

Under the full moon
Lovers lie entwined
A mermaid rests atop a rock
An owl hoots its warning.

Under the full moon
An old man laughs
A starfish washes ashore
A cat’s ears prick up, eyes bright.

Under the full moon
The air is slashed by a new born’s wail
A dolphin leaps in joy
A rooster stirs.

Under the full moon
The sun wakes up
Hazy and bewildered
From wild spirited dreams, darkly lit.

(with a line borrowed from Lorca)

– Anuradha Prasad

(Wrote this during the Poetry 101 course i did with masterpoet Judyth Hill)


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