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Posted: September 27, 2014 in writings
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I breathe in clementine, deeply and hungrily. I have come to take refuge in light. Water gurgles here and there is sunlight and bamboo grass. I want to hold this peace in me for as long as I can. Lock this sanctuary inside me and lose the key.

I rested my head as the cab sped that night not so long ago. A thin sheet of glass separated me from the smoky, incessant burst of crackers faint, loud and faraway. The night sky was a geometry of lights and demons were defeated and burnt to ground. I wear a string of ash pearls from that night.

I know I will never see him again but my eyes are dry.  I looked at him; it would be the last time.  We stood; I surrendered to the lie of the moment.

There is no mango tree to climb up, to escape the ferocious dog with gleaming black skin. There is no rickety swing to hold on to, suspended with nylon ropes. Was it blue? It could have been green. The fright made me look past the scrapes on my scrawny arms. The mango tree was both young and old; its limbs dark, skin against skin, soft brown coarse brown. An umbrella of leathery leaves waved off the light. I found my sanctuary in those shadows.

Today, there is the scent of clementine. Water gurgles here, and there is sunlight and bamboo grass.

© Anuradha Prasad

(a vignette i wrote while working on The Tales of Arrival and Becoming course with Judyth Hill)

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    Nice! I enjoyed your writing a lot!
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