the new girl

Posted: October 5, 2014 in writings
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The girl was new
as i was old.
Being old,
i knew a little
about children
and how
they can be cruel.

She came wearing a
short skirt
and a swishing pony tail
with fish eyes, and an
open smile.

The prettiest girls
rushed to her.
Asked her to lunch with them.
With swishing pony tail and all
she ate with them.

The handsomest boys
Ran past her
Screamed, sought
her attention
and when they got it,
out of the corner of her eye
and a slow sweet smile,
they whooped in joy.

The girl dropped her reserve
she smiled broadly
she spoke openly
she played wildly

So lost was she
in herself,
that she did not notice
those welcoming hands
clenching stones
that would soon pelt her
for how dare she
laugh, speak and play?

She is proud, they said
their egos raw and bristling
They put the pedestal
they had sat her on
for she was only
a pawn,
not their queen.

She was invisible, ostracized.
The boys still watched her
and let mean words sing.
It didn’t make her smile.

The girls snickered
walked away in a hurry
when they saw her
and threw taunts.

She wept and pleaded
she needed them, she said
you are my friends.

Once again they
were pleased.

© Anuradha Prasad


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