wolf, she cried

Posted: December 8, 2014 in writings
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Image: Off the net

Image: Off the net

My first kiss –
wet, long, curious, bewildering.
I may have bitten him lightly.
I may have planted feathery kisses
that traced the shape of his lips.
I may have kissed his neck,
ran the tip of my tongue
along the edge of his ear.
I may have lost myself in his smell –
part cologne, part him.
I may have called it love.

He watched, he waited
My predator, my prey.
We walked next to each other,
wary of our ways.
I glanced at him.
He held my gaze.
He panted,
my breath quickened.
I was caught in the ebb of a wave.
Sharp talons sank into my flesh.
Numbed by fear,
a cry went unuttered,
my throat was dry.
There was curiosity too
of what came next.

My hair ripples, unbraided now.
Thoughts carefully folded in pleats.
A treeskirt flairs out above me.
Velvet red blooms smother a bush,
ardent as a lover’s kisses.
I am satin: gentle and cool.

I threw a wish,
a human wish,
a wish for love,
into the calling and turning
sea waves.
Perhaps it was too human
and too weak.
Perhaps it turned to vapor
and rained down on me.
Perhaps it is that which is now
trapped in the dew drop
perched precariously
on a silk-woven web.

A chasm so wide and deep,
Bewildered I stand at the edge
for I am denied the right to cross it.
Tell me, how does one
catch and bring back
a retreating wave?

© Anuradha Prasad


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