autowallah: red

Posted: January 25, 2015 in beanstalk
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Mayo Hall Junction

Mayo Hall Junction

The auto reluctantly came to a stop as the lights changed to red. I looked longingly at the empty stretch of road ahead of us, a rare occurrence.

“Earlier, we could simply jump the signal. But it is not that easy these days. You will notice that the auto drivers all slow down and look up and around to see if there is either a cop or a CCTV camera. If it is there, we stay put. Otherwise, we will be fined 100 Rs for each offence. It is hard to tell if the CCTV camera is on – it is switched on during peak hours in the morning and again in the evening. If it is switched off, you will see the traffic constable with his note book. You can take a chance and still jump the signal. He won’t be able to write the numbers of all the vehicles that jump the signal, just one of them.

We don’t have to worry about hitting other vehicles. There is no way we can pay for damages from our own pocket, so we tell them to collect insurance. We don’t even have to go to court most of the times. If there is no insurance, then a lawyer has to be hired and we have to pay for the damages in installments.

Toward Cunningham Road

Toward Cunningham Road

Last week, a car hit my auto. He was at fault. He pulled over and said he will pay for the dented bumper because he didn’t want the cops to get involved. As I walked back to the auto, the driver just sped away. I didn’t even have time to note down his number. I can’t afford to get it fixed. And here, I trusted the guy.”

© Anuradha Prasad


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