a brief history of eva

Posted: May 2, 2015 in mixed bag
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It would’ve been just another night if I hadn’t heard the incessant meowing on the other side of midnight. I left her some bread crumbs and milk. Come morning, the offering laid out for that white-bellied child of Bast remained untouched. I bought a packet of dry food for kittens just in case she returned. Return she did on Good Friday. A lot has happened since then.

how cute am i?

She was without a doubt the cutest kitten ever. She loved attention and rolled over for tummy rubs and chin scratches, and sent lots of cat kisses that are my favourite cat thing. Or at least she used to, until The Great Fright.

the name

I didn’t want to name her but with people asking me what I call her, I decided on Eva Luna, after a book by Isabel Allende. I thought Eva would be a really nice name for a daughter I don’t plan to have and Luna because she began visiting me around the lunar eclipse and blood moon, which somehow feels significant. But she also responds to anything that has the word sweet in it – sweetish, sweetu, sweetums, sweetie pie. I am still not sure if it is a male or a female kitten. I hope I don’t end up confusing her/him.

the great fright

It all started one evening when she gave me furtive looks and didn’t seem that keen on being petted. She gobbled up her food. I thought she was just hungry. She went under my bed, which is quite normal. What came next was not normal. Someone started talking in a strange foreign language. It sounded like ‘yaka yaka woo yaka yaka yayaya’.

I was scared to look under my bed because I expected to find an old crone. When it stopped, I looked and Eva began to throw up. She looked sheepish and went outside. I had the task of cleaning up cat puke, which is the last thing you’d want to do on a regular day and most certainly not when you are ill.

Eva began to cower and looked terror-struck, dashing across the terrace in fright. Something must have frightened her but there is no way of knowing what. She is better now but she is not as affectionate all the time. It could also be that puberty has caught up with her.


curiosity didn’t catch this kitten

…or so I thought. Her passive nature concerned me. She didn’t seem to care for anything except sleeping, eating, being petted and looking cute. But the hunter in her seems to have awakened and among her targets and a subject of great fascination are My Moving Legs that have faced a few assaults so far, especially when I am rushing to work. My roommates had their share of sneak attacks. Eva seems pretty gung-ho about the catnip toy. She equally enjoys stalking and chasing imaginary objects.

for the love of meow

I think she is a brand ambassador for Me-O cat food or has some tie-up with that brand. She won’t eat anything else but Me-O dry food. Treats go untouched, catnip = meh, gives me disgusted looks that question my taste in food when I serve her tuna.

searching for answers

These days my Google search history looks like this –

“How to tell if a kitten is male or female”

“Are cat fleas making me itchy or is it just me? But first how to tell if the cat actually has fleas”

“How to build a cat house”

“Signs your cat is jealous”

“How to tell if my cat is getting ready to spray me”

“What does it mean when a kitten purrs, rolls, blinks, farts…”

“What is that squishy thing I am standing on” (A lizard? Ick!)


tu casa mi casa

My own thoughts go somewhat like tu casa tu, mi casa mi. I have converted a pet carrier into a cat house and left it right outside the door so that she has someplace dry when it rains. While she used it the first day, she largely ignores it. I am not ready for an indoor cat but I don’t think I will have a say in the matter.

Over the course of the last month (yep, it has been a month!), Eva and I have learnt many things. I’ve realized I can’t do this on my terms and the only way to stop her 6am meows is to address it with food. And she has realized that trying to explore a lit candle is not a great idea if you value your whiskers. Currently, we are both exploring lesson 44: how and why you mustn’t hunt the person who feeds you.

Oh, and among other things, Eva loves gazing up at Venus in the sky.

© Anuradha Prasad


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