Posted: August 8, 2015 in writings
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she moves
with the deliberate
tread of a jungle cat
the assured gait
of a warrior dead
a tinkle of anklet
kisses stealth
steady she stands
an upright mountain
with the heartwood
of gnarly trees
she wears onyx
for eyes
impenetrable but
with a penetrating gaze
stripping all pretense
she dips her
into the very essence
to paint veiled
she is an earth goddess
a Romany gypsy
a nomadic heart
she lives
a voluptuous nymph
she may have risen out
of a rock in Hampi
she tucks jacaranda
in her hair
she is courtesan
she is queen
you will see her
on a warm rock
in splendid indolence
or draped
over a branch
soaking up the moon
she was old before she
grew young
with a laugh
raucous like a raven
she doesn’t shed scream
but dances
tears and fury
she recites Bhitai
to mushrooms
she is a lotus worshipper
for Maya too is the divinity
of salmon pink
rising from
mud and water.

© Anuradha Prasad, 2015


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