Posted: August 23, 2015 in writings
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Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

thoughts sprint drift disappear into clear skies
swollen skies dark skies fresh without memories
naked newborn and in the moment skies
pearly moon constellation of stars skies.

winter cherry hands, ancient larimar eyes
after rain breezes rustle stroke stir
the throbbing silence of a
glorious love story, a story of solitude
sea spray, sea shells, sea waves, sea still.

old rocks smouldering, heat and dust
dancers with pixie cuts, sharp thin wrists
collarbones – outstretched porcelain bone wings
galloping butterflies, spider spinning silk
amorous parrots and aquamarine feathertails.

rolling thunder, ardent whispers of rain
cosseted in Scheherazade’s womb
drumming rain music, soul adrift
a confusion of earth perfumed unused wings
hot pink, soft pink, confused pink.

loping veldt giraffes, sky lights northern lights
polar bears, beluga whales, blood drenched ice
pine-scented mountains, cerulean cenotes
fjords, a Bergen dream, chug-chugging through
leafy green wet mossy Nilgiris, red soil valleys.

corn on coal, crackling orange spark, black soot
sputtering candles, teal tea lights on trees
braided beardman in bowler hat, diaphanous nymph
broken women, unbowed heads
big blank eyes in Bombay, a static memory.

camphor-laden air, vermilion pumpkins
nine nights of the goddess, Shakti triptych
the draw you expand you nourish you guide you
hold you by the hand spin you around throw you
up in the air catch you before you fall goddess.

swishing branches rain russet leaves
a tumble inside, trapeze smile.

© Anuradha Prasad, 2015

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