I loved the title of the book – Walking Towards Ourselves. Aren’t we all doing just that?

A compilation of stories about being a woman in India, the book features writers like Urvashi Butalia, Annie Zaidi, Mitali Saran and more. It is edited by Catrionna Mitchell. In the foreword, Namita Gokhale concludes that these tales ‘…remind us we are each other’s stories’.


square peg round hole, mitali saran

It is not all dark. It is not all hopeless. There is strength, mirth and light too.


tick tock, tishani doshi

The stories are forthright conversations on choosing to stay unmarried or childless, on restrictions and freedoms, on gender fluidity, on the inexplicable obsession and value placed on light-coloured skin, and more.


karaikal ammaiyar and her closet of adornments, sharanya mannivannan


black, rosalyn d’mello


beyond memories, salma


tick tock, tishani doshi

© Anuradha Prasad, 2016


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