Living with a Cat: Life Lessons & More

Posted: July 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Eva’s on Katzenworld…chasing wisdom, not just tails.

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I’ve been a cat’s human companion for a little over a year. When I think back, I realise there’s so much that I’ve learnt from Eva the Brave. But this is not just about Eva, this is the story of every cat.


This is a big one. Nothing teaches you acceptance as quickly as living with a cat. Eva does her own thing, at her own pace. She is cranky, she is sweet, she is fierce, she is strong-willed, she is opinionated, she is needy, she is aloof. I love that cats do their own thing but learning to accept that is another story.

I commanded, I coaxed. She didn’t budge an inch. I surrendered, I changed, I accepted.

This is also teaching me to accept that I am who I am, with my own quirks, idiosyncrasies, and whatnot.


I have never been a touchy feely person. I…

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