six minutes

Posted: February 4, 2017 in Uncategorized, writings
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image: via pinterest

Tall men, short men, men with grey hair, men with no hair, men with a headful of hair, men wearing glasses, men with bare eyes, men.

A boy with thick glasses presses the folds of a paper; his hair is touched with grey.

A girl with bangs. Hippie flower child. Tall. Lean. Blissed out.

Mouth set in a slight scowl. Doesn’t smile often. His eyes scan the paper.

Men with bags, men clean shaved, men holding paper, men with cellphones, men with earphones, men.

A woman laughs.

She shakes as she laughs, a red stole carelessly thrown over her shoulder.

Men wearing sports shoes, men with unkept feet, men staring blankly, men on the phone, men forming soundless words, men.

A voice: Tell me your number.

He looks up, eyes dazed and unfocused, a slight squint, glasses of little help.

The train slows down, falling to a stop with a long wheeze. The speckled blue floor is muffled by rushing feet.

© Anuradha Prasad, 2017


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