Love is your breath being.
Feel its pull and push.
A lotus blossoming
of the heart, rose rays.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Let love come alive, murmurs
of your body in full stretch.
Skin taut and silken.
Bones light.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Anoint yourself.
Oil and sandalwood paste.
Let the water flow and trace
your shape, an adoration.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

A wristlet of rose.
A garland of mogra.
A halo of jasmine.
Kanakambra woven in hair.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Chant love’s numerous names
Inanna, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga,
Isis, Diana, Maria, Rosa, Eva, you.
Let the sound of devotion resonate.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Sacred is the drink and food
Live every bite, every sip
to its roots, to its birthing,
to its earth soul.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Dance and sway.
Make crystal constellations.
Sing loud, shake maracas,
beat shamanic drums.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Sun kiss.
Moon bathe.
Breeze whirl.
Fire blaze.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Creation creates.
Write your chiaroscuro life.
Paint you in swirling chakras.
Choreograph leaps of faith.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Wake up to love’s call.
A prayer of the self,
to the self. Burn light,
incense, luminosity worship.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Goddess, love is you.
Step in, and you’ll step out.

© Anuradha Prasad 2019

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