short film: the boy who saw more

Posted: January 18, 2020 in mixed bag, random, Uncategorized
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“The Boy Who Saw More” is a short film by Faraway Originals. This is the story of Nordan who explores Ladakh with a microscope. My favorite part is when he explains how “when we look at mountains, we see them as a whole…but within those mountains are so many little things that make them.” It is about engaging with our environment in new ways, going beyond the obvious. Less about what we’re taught, what we know, and what we think we should experience. More about allowing awareness and curiosity to lead the way.


  1. Awareness & curiosity makes the world go round! xoxo

  2. parkermccoy says:

    I love the idea here. We can be taught plenty but until we experience things for ourselves, our worlds just don’t open up in the same way. Thank you for sharing!

    • zennfish says:

      Yes, Parker. And you don’t have to go too far for the world to open up. We carry our ability to experience in us. I really like the work that these guys at faraway originals are doing. They have other short films out too. You should check it out some time.

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