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My neighborhood is getting noisier, pubs and resto-bars aplenty. And then this sweet little place pops up. Dhyaana School of Wellbeing and Café is the newest kid on the block and a super fresh (like healthy) kid at that. I haven’t ventured into the studio yet. Happy stretching my limbs at home led by my feline yogi, Rosa. But I did catch a wonderful Sufi music performance there.

Dhyaana cafe

Now the café…I can’t get enough of it. It is just as well that the food and smoothies are all healthy besides being delicious. The first dish I had was from their Buddha Bowls assortment, the Southern Buddha – millet upma served with chutney, sliced banana, jaggery, and spouted beans. I love their Khichdi Bowl sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, crispy papad and the contrasting coolness of cucumber and yogurt on the side. It is comforting, tasty, and nourishing. As are the lunch trays with variations over the week. Ideal for someone (me) who hates cooking and eats out all the time. Masala chai and the raw chocolate brownie are my order staples. If you need to find me, just look out for the one with the-world’s-a-rockin’ grin biting into a brownie. I have been hankering for some caffeine, so let’s wait and watch if some organic coffee will make its way to the menu.


Did I mention that the ambience is lovely? Well, it is. An intelligent use of space and high on aesthetic appeal. Low beige tables and chairs; little tent cards with quotes; stacks of books; glass jugs filled with the transparent cool of water and the green zing of mint; friendly folks; incandescent yellow bulbs suspended from twisty ropes, the frayed ends softening their bright gaze; and a mural of the Buddha peacefully emerging from multicolored strokes.

dhyaana cafe 2

My happy place, brings out the Zen in me in full force.

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