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Entwicklung des Fötus & Embryo - Wachstumtabellen für Ein- und Zwilinge

image: via pinterest

a love so new
it floated
in embryonic
in a buttercup
its shape still
forming, its heart
its vibrissae
for sulfur-laden
sparks of flint
struck, the

© Anuradha Prasad 2020


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The heart opens to the
yin and yang breath
of a love song:
the float of a wayward
leaf caught in the grain
of the breeze.

I stand witness to its play.
Reason is stumped. I drop
all restraint, clink-clank,
they fall at my feet.

I pray for mercy.
I join the play.
I love again.

© Anuradha Prasad 2019


© Anuradha Prasad 2018

Coal blocks hunkering
together thundering
soot black, molten orange
a dandelion dance
a long sigh of gray ash.

Breathe me as i breathe
you in entangled dreams
a quick wispy mermaid’s
tail flitting through abyss,
curious, seeking, luring
hunter, i am siren.

© Anuradha Prasad 2018


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My descriptors a parenthesis
of synonyms, a hill range
of weird and odd to strange,
a graph of outrage.

What if I were to tell you
there’s nothing strange?

I am just a girl
looking for love dashing
to the singsong shores
of strangeness, hoping
the next crash will bring
with it love, a sediment
at least cutting its ridges
on skin keeping me
lit and dancing.

A tango perhaps
for the flamenco that I am
is so strong, so woman.

Partner me, love.
Dance me. Kiss me. Fuck me.
Slashed strawberries
did you know
spill scarlet?

Reacquaint me
with the breath of us.

slow rising falling falling

Falling into us.

© Anuradha Prasad 2018