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The Blue Door

My poem “The Blue Door” is featured in the August issue of “Borderless Journal.” Grateful to Mitali Chakravarty for publishing it.

Read it here –

Loved this poem by Erin May Kelly performed to the scenes when the girls help Aimee get over her fear of the bus after a man masturbates against her on her ride to school. Powerful stuff. If you haven’t watched it already, Sex Education is brilliant. I thought Season 2 was even better. Another favorite scene from S2 – Oranges!


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she turns
her center still,
in an age-old hula
with an invisible hoop.
to her soundless gaze,
concealing her
wild-whispered seeking,
dawn speaks
a languid language
of merlot and gold and
borders smudged.

© Anuradha Prasad 2020


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Hello, my name? H.
Your good name?

He tilts his head and
awaits my good name.

Me? I am engineer.
Software field, he adds.

What do you do? I write,
I say, a touch smug.

Perplexed, he freezes:
processing, searching.

Just as I fear a shutdown,
a reload!

Eyes screwed, he asks,
um, writing?

Ya, I affirm.
Copy, you know.

He runs his fingers along
the air between us, a piano.

So you are a typer?
No! I am a writer.

But you type, no? Again,
his fingers play the air.

Yes, I reply.
So you are a typer!

That declared, a pleased
smile sits on his lips.

I acquiesce.

© Anuradha Prasad 2019


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You blanket me
mold my bones
and flesh
sparing me
the comfort of
clarity. Brown
and brimming:
how i love you.

It’s the taunts, their
memory, stealth strikes
betraying secrets.
Must you be blatant?
So unforgiving?
Why hold my flaws
to the mirror,
to light?

Hold them instead in
the heart, a comforting
secret, till the heart
confuses it for love
for what else does the
heart know but love?

Until one day, deceived
it’ll give away;
splinters will run through
it, raspy breaths, maybe
i will clutch at it,
who cares?
so long as you
glow and radiate

© Anuradha Prasad 2019

Love is your breath being.
Feel its pull and push.
A lotus blossoming
of the heart, rose rays.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Let love come alive, murmurs
of your body in full stretch.
Skin taut and silken.
Bones light.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Anoint yourself.
Oil and sandalwood paste.
Let the water flow and trace
your shape, an adoration.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

A wristlet of rose.
A garland of mogra.
A halo of jasmine.
Kanakambra woven in hair.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Chant love’s numerous names
Inanna, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga,
Isis, Diana, Maria, Rosa, Eva, you.
Let the sound of devotion resonate.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Sacred is the drink and food
Live every bite, every sip
to its roots, to its birthing,
to its earth soul.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Dance and sway.
Make crystal constellations.
Sing loud, shake maracas,
beat shamanic drums.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Sun kiss.
Moon bathe.
Breeze whirl.
Fire blaze.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Creation creates.
Write your chiaroscuro life.
Paint you in swirling chakras.
Choreograph leaps of faith.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Wake up to love’s call.
A prayer of the self,
to the self. Burn light,
incense, luminosity worship.

Inhale love.
Exhale love.

Goddess, love is you.
Step in, and you’ll step out.

© Anuradha Prasad 2019

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a sparrow, can you believe, hopped on
the polished floor of the airport last week.
outside were neon men and giant jumbos.

and then, there were more. sparrows.
hopping dainty, pecking at their reflections
on the gleaming floors, curious and innocent

was it a mate that they saw in those
reflections, whom they tried to peck out of the
hard, unyielding floor that gucci-sandaled
passengers walked on?

feet that were composed,
framed, and instagram-ed. feet
that were applauded by a frenzy of
sterile heart clicks.

meanwhile, there are the sparrows…

© Anuradha Prasad 2018




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Roaring lullabies and foaming kisses, the sea her compass. Ruh walks along the edges of the flattening waves. The sand is dark, wet and salty. If she were to walk into the sea now.

She would be a little blob, her skirt spread around like a petal, a spreading stain. Then nothing.

But how long before the sea tears away the torment from her like dead skin?

She clambers into a boat without oars, red and alone, pulled up far away from the sea, which is getting closer now. The sand has dried; a crab on the boat’s rim. The smell of fish sticks to its wooden skin. Ruh settles into its abandonment.

A long time ago, there was a little girl who stood alone in the middle of a playground. An orb of dusty orange flew at her, almost knocked her down. A boy watched with concern and half a smile.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

The little girl laughed. The boy smiled and with him the world. Like starlings taking flight the laughter flew here to this desolate stretch of beach where a woman lay in a red boat. This moment changed forever.

Ruh awakens to a yellow moon, cradled in a boat, rocking gently, watched by a little girl. And just like that – the girl slips over and…poof, she is gone.

© Anuradha Prasad 2018

pondi afb_anu

alliance francaise de pondicherry © Anuradha Prasad 2018

She knows little of him but
the ancient blue of his being.

A pulsing sea around him
she didn’t turn to look to know.

It was not love she fell into
Perhaps, the intrigue of it.

He now has a girlfriend.
(Does she know too?)
Where he lives, the ocean
waves are embroidered in
the living blue of light.

Of that love – no, intrigue –
she is left only with the azure
blue prose of her mind.

© Anuradha Prasad 2018


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green metal, sun warmed
paint chipping, stripping an old brown

legs around the pole
frock gathered up, ass barely covered

shimmying up to the rub of steel
a shot of tingle through the spine

bar horizontal, anatomy vertical
swinging, flying higher

a second in space, an astral frame
hardened callouses peel, palms on burn

slipping, steadying, swinging again

© Anuradha Prasad 2018