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a sparrow, can you believe, hopped on
the polished floor of the airport last week.
outside were neon men and giant jumbos.

and then, there were more. sparrows.
hopping dainty, pecking at their reflections
on the gleaming floors, curious and innocent

was it a mate that they saw in those
reflections, whom they tried to peck out of the
hard, unyielding floor that gucci-sandaled
passengers walked on?

feet that were composed,
framed, and instagram-ed. feet
that were applauded by a frenzy of
sterile heart clicks.

meanwhile, there are the sparrows…

© Anuradha Prasad 2018




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Roaring lullabies and foaming kisses, the sea her compass. Ruh walks along the edges of the flattening waves. The sand is dark, wet and salty. If she were to walk into the sea now.

She would be a little blob, her skirt spread around like a petal, a spreading stain. Then nothing.

But how long before the sea tears away the torment from her like dead skin?

She clambers into a boat without oars, red and alone, pulled up far away from the sea, which is getting closer now. The sand has dried; a crab on the boat’s rim. The smell of fish sticks to its wooden skin. Ruh settles into its abandonment.

A long time ago, there was a little girl who stood alone in the middle of a playground. An orb of dusty orange flew at her, almost knocked her down. A boy watched with concern and half a smile.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

The little girl laughed. The boy smiled and with him the world. Like starlings taking flight the laughter flew here to this desolate stretch of beach where a woman lay in a red boat. This moment changed forever.

Ruh awakens to a yellow moon, cradled in a boat, rocking gently, watched by a little girl. And just like that – the girl slips over and…poof, she is gone.

© Anuradha Prasad 2018

pondi afb_anu

alliance francaise de pondicherry © Anuradha Prasad 2018

She knows little of him but
the ancient blue of his being.

A pulsing sea around him
she didn’t turn to look to know.

It was not love she fell into
Perhaps, the intrigue of it.

He now has a girlfriend.
(Does she know too?)
Where he lives, the ocean
waves are embroidered in
the living blue of light.

Of that love – no, intrigue –
she is left only with the azure
blue prose of her mind.

© Anuradha Prasad 2018


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green metal, sun warmed
paint chipping, stripping an old brown

legs around the pole
frock gathered up, ass barely covered

shimmying up to the rub of steel
a shot of tingle through the spine

bar horizontal, anatomy vertical
swinging, flying higher

a second in space, an astral frame
hardened callouses peel, palms on burn

slipping, steadying, swinging again

© Anuradha Prasad 2018


I am sorry
I love you
I am sorry
I don’t love you
I am sorry
I couldn’t be cordial after you misbehaved
I am sorry
For refusing to be bullied
I am sorry
It is always me misunderstanding things
I am sorry
How speaking about a problem makes me a problem
I am sorry
I enjoy my solitude and my own company
I am sorry
I have boundaries
I am sorry
I choose what to share and with whom
I am sorry
I am single and loving it
I am sorry
Wham bam is a no-thank-you-sir
I am sorry
Casual is not a relationship
I am sorry
I am happy
I am sorry
I am sexual
I am sorry
I forgive you
I am sorry
I refuse intimidation
I am sorry
My values and yours are different
I am sorry
I can create my own opportunities
I am sorry
For my anxiety attacks that you call a tantrum
I am sorry
I don’t need you
I am sorry
I have little patience for games
I am sorry
I can’t always put on a happy face
I am sorry
I want to do things better
I am sorry
I dislike people stealing my ideas
I am sorry
I called you out
I am sorry
I am too ill to work
I am sorry
I don’t believe in pretending everything is okay
I am sorry
I don’t socialize at the workplace
I am sorry
I moved on
I am sorry
I don’t need your permission
I am sorry
I find didactic conversations a yawning bore
I am sorry
I am naïve
I am sorry
You are a coward
I am sorry
I prefer dialogue
I am sorry
My idea of diversity doesn’t mean conformity
I am sorry
Who I am disconcerts you
I am sorry
I live life on my terms
I am sorry
I am saying this aloud
I am sorry
I voice my disagreements
I am sorry
I am no follower, I know my path
I am sorry
I don’t need your validation
I am sorry
I love cats and you don’t
I am sorry
I am not sorry at all
I am sorry
It can’t get sorrier than this.

© Anuradha Prasad 2018

anuradha_golden temple_byleguppe_tibetan monastery

the golden temple, namdroling monastery, byleguppe © Anuradha Prasad, 2017

“The eagle perched above her empty nest
can go now. Because settling in and listening
to what remains of her fading sorrow
is becoming less important
than surfacing elsewhere,
breathing in new air
of a nurturing current
as she regally soars.”

  – Susan Frybort via My VividLife

hampi sunset anuradha prasad.jpg

the sun does set over empires, hampi © Anuradha Prasad, 2017


A dark bird
pecks at night’s quiet
in a dream.


Climbing sun
anchors the sky
blazing blue.


Dark skies
melting notes of light
slowing spirit.


A gliding scar interrupts
the might of the sky
blue becomes bluer.


the sun at high noon
till earth turns.

© Anuradha Prasad, 2017


image: via pinterest

The fever of sleep
in my skin

tugs me in gently.
Falling in,

the dark sea dances
me a fata morgana

of wrath and peace
of peace and wrath.

I have strayed
away and into

the duality of being;
all is dark, all is dance.

© Anuradha Prasad, 2017


image: via pinterest

A firefly sailed
out of the black
heart of a green tree,
a spark adrift.

Night made beautiful.

© Anuradha Prasad, 2017